How your company can benefit


  • Highly effective brand, marketing and PR opportunities
  • Meaningful client and supplier engagement
  • Excellent networking opportunity

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • To align company’s social and environmental activities with its business purpose and values
  • Raising money for local charity
  • The event can be tailored for all individual needs and abilities


  • Staff engagement in the event or volunteering at the event
  • Promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
  • Event can be linked with promotion of Cycle to Work scheme

Example Budget

Base on 200 Riders

Expenditure / IncomeAmount £Notes
Event costs£45,000All event costs
Total Expenditure£45,000
Sponsorship£40,0008 sponsors @ £5000
Company event contribution£5,000Company event / marketing budget
Total Income£45,000
Rider Entry Income£10,000
Rider Fundraising Donation£10,000200 entries @ £50/head minimum
Donation to Charity£20,000200 entries @ £50/head minimum